1000 Ways to Build a Website

There are a dizzying number of ways to design and build a website. From drag and drop website builders like Squarespace to theme or template based solutions to completely custom designed and coded solutions that run on an open source CMS like WordPress. In the end the right solution for you comes down to your goals and budget. At Diviner we’re happy to guide you through the process of selecting the right solution whether we end up delivering the final results or not.

Brand Focused. SEO Optimized

The most important aspect of any website is user experience (Brand and Design) and being found in the first place (SEO) if you nail these two things, your website will succeed. The important thing to understand is that absolutely every choice you make in regards to your website will affect these things. In fact, SEO and Brand are barely even separate things when it comes to websites because Google believes “brand” to be the most important SEO factor.

Let Us be Your Guides

These days anybody can build a website. There are even AI tools that will spit out a 5 page website for you in minutes. Anyone can do it. But building a website that amplifies your brand and grows your business is what takes deep expertise and skill. Seemingly small choices in web design can have a huge affect on your website’s success. In fact, things like the organization of pages on your website, the names of pages, the order of content on your page, the amount of content on a page, how you use imagery, colors, fonts, copy, and thousands of other seemingly insignificant factors can all have a significant affect on your websites success.

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